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Monday, 07 May 2018 22:28

On The Icecap!

Wohoo! Our Greenland crossing team left Kangerlussuaq this morning and took a helicopter shuttle to their starting point on the icecap. The flight took 25-30 minutes and they are now well positioned beyond the crevasse zone and are awaiting the arrival of Salo and Julius, the two mushers from the east coast of Greenland who will be joining the team along with a lively posse of sled dogs.

Monday, 07 May 2018 00:41

Another Night in Kangerlussuaq

Today's update from our Greenland team is that poor weather prevented the team from flying from Kangerlussuaq to the icecap as previously planned. They were in standby mode most of the day which ultimately means that you can't do anything but wait, and stay close, for the possibility to fly.

The Greenland Icecap Crossing team (Dr. Heather Ross, Dale Shippam, Ian Clarke and John Gluckman with guides Eric Lillstrom and Taylor Sweitzer) are eagerly awaiting their departure from Kangerlussuaq via helicopter to dog camp on the Greenland Icecap tomorrow.  They have sorted their kit, packed their food, determined their tenting configuration and can't wait to strap on their skis and go! 

Happy Birthday, Peter!  Today was quite the epic end to their journey...

The team woke up in their cabins and enjoyed a nice breakfast, working at finishing off all the food they have left (not too hard of a task).  They took turns on bear watch from the roof of one of the cabins throughout the morning.

Monday, 30 April 2018 21:08

On the descent!

The team skied 19 km today, first across the glacial plateau, then descending 900 m to sea level.  There were some fairly steep drops on the downhill with the sleds penduluming behind them even with the brakes on.  This can make for rather a wild ride but everyone stayed in control and did very well. 

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