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Monday, 05 January 2015 03:11

One of their best days yet (SP Full)

The team reports in today that they had an amazing day. Definitely on the of the most beautiful days of the whole expedition.

Though it was -24 C there was no wind and it was pleasant enough that Bradley was skiing without his anorak. 

After the good skiing, during which they made 12 nautical miles to end only 24 miles from the Pole, they had a well-deserved Sunday night dinner. The highlight of the night was when Andy produced a foil package of tuna, and a portion of dehydrated potatoes that he has been saving for weeks. With this he made delicious fish cakes for the team.

When asked what they will be thinking about on their last two days of skiing they all remarked "finishing!"

With only 24 miles to go it looks nearly certain they will arrive at the Pole on January 6. This is a very exciting prospect to Andy, Bradley, Ian and Keith and also to all of us who are so closely following the team. We are so proud of them!

Andy and Bradley send a heartfelt audio update today. Make sure to listen to it. It cuts off Bradley at the end, but we've sent a message requesting that he pick up where he left off tomorrow. 

And take a moment to read Bradley's loving message about how he gets his strength when he needs it, and why he is doing this expedition to raise money and awareness for the Marie Curie Cancer Charity. You can read it here

Check back again tomorrow for another update from only 12 miles (give or take) from the South Pole!

The last of the Sunday night dinners - a cause for celebration and Andy's special fish cakes!

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