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Sunday, 08 November 2015 16:01

En Route to South Georgia

After 6 days of being on the water, the Plancius has finally turned toward the main goal of the expedition, South Georgia Island. As of our last contact with the team at 8pm November 7th (UTC-2), they were approximately 1/3 of the way to South Georgia Island from The Falklands. After leaving the protection of the Falkland Islands, the ship once again entered into big seas, but with their sea legs still strong, no one on board have had trouble with the rolling and bucking of the ship.

Below you'll find two of our recent Audio Updates. Parts of the calls are garbled, but still very interesting to hear.


Audio update by Dave Nelsen (11/7/15 7:00PM)

Audio Update by John Gluckman (11/6/15 6:15 PM)

There is still plenty of preparation to be done before embarking on the ski crossing. Yesterday, the ski team thoroughly vaccumed their gear to assure that when they set foot on South Georgia, they will not unintentionally bring along any organic contaminants. Isolated island ecosystems are especially vulnerable to invasive species. Invasive rodents on South Georgia Island have been preying upon nesting birds, including the endemic South Georgia pipit, since whalers inadvertently introduced rats and mice in the 19th century. Researchers believe that if these invasive rodents were eliminated, over 100 million more seabirds would thrive on this sub-Antarctic islands—an incredible number of birds added to the current, breathtaking populations.

The team is still eating like kings, enjoying tree course meals every night with main dishes including, duck, lamb, and thai options. Yesterday the team also got acquainted with their avalanche beacons and spent a few hours practicing with them to find hidden objects aboard the ship.

Stay tuned for more! We plan to do daily audio updates from this point forward.


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