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From Warm and Dry to Cold and Wet

Updated: May 27, 2022

May 19th Update: The team left the warm sanctuary of the hut this morning, making their way toward Hermanskaro Pass. From the moment they stepped outside they knew it would be challenging day. There was very low visibility and a blowing mixture of snow and rain, but since the team has already experienced these conditions and worse, they plodded along contentedly, stopping periodically to scrape the sticky clumps of built-up snow off of the bottoms of their skis. Annie, also described stopping to pour a "small pond" of water out of her sled.

We are happy to report that the team made over 13 miles of progress, and ended the day with a "massive drying operation" in their tents, attempting to prepare their layers for another wet day tomorrow. Listen to the audio update below for more!


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