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Over 100km In and Feeling Good

Team #1 - Team Haribo:

We've got a new team name for group 1: Team Haribo. Apparently, they're really liking their gummy bears!

Today was another great day. The group woke up to -25 C again this morning, with moderate wind and clear skies. Their morning routine has gotten very consistent and they were headed out by 9. Despite the headwind, they were able to ski 13.7 miles. The whole team is feeling strong and happy to know they are getting closer to Dye 2. It's clear they are all getting more and more comfortable with one another by the topics of some of their conversations these days! On one break they had a funny chat about Costco. Something a Brit, Kiwi, German, and American can all relate to... All good news from the ice cap today!

Team #2- The Cocoa-Motive:

Tonight the team celebrates passing 100 kms on their journey. The celebration included some bread fried in butter with some melted cheese and they are savoring every bite! They made roughly 12.4 miles of progress today in cold and windy conditions. They all had frosty face masks on and overmitts.

Their daily routine has been pretty consistent with a 6:15 wake-up and a goal of skiing by 8:30. They seem to be getting faster at packing up camp every day. Throughout the day, they will typically ski for an hour or so before stopping for a break and have been skiing for 6 pushes. The final push is setting up camp and getting the stoves going.

As always, thanks for following along, and make sure to check back tomorrow!


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