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A team climbs Mt. Vinson in Antarctica as a part of the Explorers Grand Slam

Explorer's Grand Slam
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"This was truly a trip with the best people I've met in a place I will never forget. Thank you PE, Rick, Keith, Annie and Eric, for making this an excellent culmination of my Grand Slam."

Explorers Grand Slam

The Explorers Grand Slam is a remarkable challenge to climb the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and to reach the North and South Poles. A growing number of our last degree and Mount Vinson team members are on their Explorers Grand Slam journey, often culminating their achievement at either the North Pole or South Pole. Are you on this journey? Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your Grand Slam goals. Looking for other packages? Check out our Polar Trilogy and Pole-to-Pole packages below.

Polar Trilogy

The Polar Trilogy are the three most widely accepted classic "polar" expeditions. They are a combination of any of our North Pole ski or dogsled expeditions, any of our South Pole ski expeditions, and either of our Greenland expeditions. 


These expeditions have many similarities but they are remarkably different from each other. The North Pole's dynamic sea ice makes it much more unpredictable and potentially challenging than the South Pole or Greenland. The South Pole's enormous expanses, endless white, altitude and fields of sastrugi will challenge your body AND your mind. Greenland's vast interior is similar to Antarctica but its location means the weather is always changing and storms are more frequent.

Each of these three phenomenal expeditions are exciting, unpredictable, challenging and rewarding. To do them all gives you the honor of having completed the Polar Trilogy. 


Our experience tells us that most people who visit one pole end up going to the other pole sooner than later. It's no surprise. The North Pole and the South Pole are surprisingly different from each other. To experience them both is nothing short of amazing.


Our Pole-to-Pole Package was created for people who KNOW that they want to visit both poles. It offers a discount on the two expeditions if purchased together. 

With our Pole-to-Pole Package you can mix and match expeditions. Join a North Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition followed by a South Pole Flight. Join our Full South Pole Expedition and then dogsled the last degree to the North Pole. 

The Pole-to-Pole Package offers an economical incentive to visit both poles and offers top notch pre-expedition planning help and world class guiding on the expedition. 

Grand Slam Components

North Pole
(last degree or full expedition)

South Pole
(last degree or full expedition)

Vinson Massif

Mt. Everest

Mt. Kilimanjaro



Mt. Elbrus

Carstensz Pyramin

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South Pole / Vinson Combo Video

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