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A tent and sled on the polar sea near the North Pole during our last degree ski trek.

OPT-IN (Online Polar Training)

“Great preparation for the "big event" in April and I feel loads more confident that
a) I have made the right decision to do this with PolarExplorers
and b) that I can succeed!” 

—  Name, Title

Online Polar TraininG

If you're looking for expert advice or if you need one-on-one help preparing for an expedition let us know. We have nearly 30 years of organizing expeditions and helping people train for their adventures. Our OPT-IN Sessions (Online Polar Training) offer phone/video consultation along with an online curriculum to help you make the most of your pre-expedition preparations. 


OPT-IN Complete

A comprehensive eight-session mentorship program covering five tracks (physical training, equipment, diet & menu, expedition skills and a catch-all "other" category). Each 90 minute session is one-on-one, video based instruction and discussion with a PolarExplorers guide. Audio/visual resources are provided and assignments are given between sessions to keep you engaged and prepared for the next session.

OPT-IN A La Carte

Choose from over 40 polar expedition related topics for in-depth review. Each 90 minute session offers one-on-one video based instruction and discussion. Up to three topics can be covered in each 90 minute session but fewer topics allow for more in-depth review. 


Contact us for more details.

Dates & Rates


Flexible dates based on your schedule.

2021 Price:

$3,000 USD OPT-IN Complete
$300/hour OPT-IN a La Carte


All instruction, video and audio resources, certificate of completion for OPT-IN Complete.


Topics that will be covered in OPT-IN Complete (or are electives in OPT-IN A La Carte) include:

  • Caloric map

  • GPS

  • Stove use & repair

  • Layers and layering

  • Hands, face, feet

  • Boots/bindings/skis

  • Tents

  • Cooking

  • Insurances

  • Power and Coms

  • Health / Hygiene

  • Personal FA / Repair kit

  • Antarctic/Arctic weather

  • Morning/evening routine

  • Weight gain

  • Pulling it all together

  • Sled packing tips

And others...


This is an online training that is accessible to all people regardless of physical capabilities or location. 

It is not intended to replace a hands-on polar training course such as our Polar Shakedown Training or Polar Training Plus seminar. Rather it is meant to provide a solid foundation for all other polar training opportunities. 


Please contact us with further questions!


This is a remote online course. A good internet connection, headset or speakers, web cam and microphone are all that's required. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and WhatsApp are all possible options for connecting.

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