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A plane lands at the Barneo Basecamp during the North Pole Flight

North Pole Flight

“I also appreciate all the "extra" touches you used to make us much more entertained, comfortable and happy; especially the golf, dogsledding, skiing, treats, cheeses, and of course the wine and Grand Khaan vodka. The stories are fun to tell and it was all made so much better due to your wonderful organization and cheerful leadership. I had the best time....ever!” 

—  Name, Title

Yes, it's possible to travel to the North Pole! We've been guiding flights to the North Pole for nearly 30 years and it's one of our most popular North Pole tours. This polar expedition begins in the bustling Arctic village of Longyearbyen, Norway, which is accessible via Oslo by commercial air. From Longyearbyen we'll fly to the Barneo Icecamp, a drifting basecamp that will act as our home away from home while we are on the ice. "Camp Barneo" is one of the most unique basecamps in the world and the ideal base for this North Pole trip. After an orientation at Barneo we'll fly by helicopter to 90 degrees North - the Geographic North Pole. This 20-45 minute flight over the pack ice offers a glimpse into an environment that is rapidly changing. Ice extends as far as you can see in any direction. Pressure ridges and open water leads crisscross the frozen seascape. Upon landing at the North Pole you'll be able to explore the immediate area, take photos, meditate, celebrate, call home and bear witness to this remarkable place where the world literally comes together. It's beautiful and extreme, yet fragile and demanding of our respect and care. After spending time at the North Pole we'll return to the Barneo Basecamp for a night under the midnight sun in the comfort of heated tents. Then it's back to Longyearbyen, Norway where civilization awaits along with opportunities to explore this Arctic paradise. 

Dates & Rates

2024 Dates: 

Tentatively April 14-17, 2024

2024 Price: TBD

2023 pricing €25,500 per person


  • Pre-expedition assistance with all your Longyearbyen bookings (accommodations, special activities, etc.)

  • Pick up at the Longyearbyen airport and transfer to hotel

  • North Pole Flight

  • Accommodations and meals at the Barneo Basecamp

  • Use of our Satellite phone to call make a call from the North Pole

  • Custom North Pole certificate and award

  • "Ready-to-give" North Pole Powerpoint presentation for your personal use. 

A 25% deposit will hold your space. Payment in full is due by December 1, 2021. Must arrive in Longyearbyen at least one full day prior to the first expedition activities.


Pre Expedition: Arrive in Longyearbyen.


The morning is yours to explore Longyearbyen or participate in a guided snowmobile or dogsled tour (ask us for recommendations). In the afternoon we'll check your gear if we haven't already so you have time to visit stores for anylast minute necessities.  A pre-flight briefing is scheduled for the early evening. 


Weather permitting, you'll fly to 89 degrees North and touchdown at the Barneo Ice Camp. You'll be invited into the heated tents and welcomed to Barneo. This is one of the most unusual basecamps in the world and its precise location various with the drifting ice. Your trip to the North Pole will take place via MI-8 helicopter that is stationed at Barneo. The 20-40 minute flight will land you as close as possible to the geographic North Pole, where all time zones converge and every direction is south. A  celebration will ensue, including champagne toasts, photographs to document your arrival and a call home from the top of the world. The duration of our visit is largely determined by weather conditions and will likely last between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Read the full itinerary here.


Our North Pole Flights are for people who want to experience the North Pole, but don't have the time, energy or funding to do a full expedition.

People on our flights have ranged in age from 1 to 81 years! This North Pole tour requires that you can climb several stairs into and out of the plane as well as being able to walk across the uneven terrain of the pack ice. We can assist you as necessary.



Please contact us with further questions!


Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive gear guide that explains the importance of each item as well as gear recommendations from our past participants. Please contact us for more information about your personal gear and group gear for this expedition.

Several items on our equipment checklist are available from our store. 

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