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A team of skiers celebrate after skiing across the Greenland Icecap.

Why Book With Us?

Choosing a guiding company is a big deal. Here are our top five reasons why booking with us makes the most sense:

PolarExplorers guide Keith Heger at the Geographic South Pole after guiding a South Pole last degree ski trek.

We know the importance of great guides. A great guide can transform an experience from ordinary to extraordinary. You'll find our guides knowledgeable, easy to get along with and eager to share their expertise. Among their priorities is helping each participant become comfortably self sufficient. From choosing the best gear to helping you learn how to keep your sled from rolling, our guides are there to help you thrive,  not just survive. Perhaps best of all they are genuinely invested in making your experience as positive and rewarding as possible. 

#1: World Class Guides

#2: Experience

A skier navigates across the polar sea during a North Pole Last Degree Ski trek

When it comes to polar adventure travel we helped write the book. Back in 1993 we organized and guided the first-ever dogsled and ski expedition to the North Pole for amateur adventurers, carving a path in the frozen ice for all others to follow. We have the passion to be the best and the experience to back it up. Over the years we've guided adventurers of all ages and abilities and we have developed a reputation for giving exceptional individual attention, both on and off the ice. From the moment you register until you board your return flight home you can be sure that the entire PolarExplorers staff will work with you to ensure that you have a positive and meaningful experience. 

#3: Passion

Celebrating a birthday during a South Pole expedition, Hercules Inlet route.

Why do we guide expeditions to the high latitudes? That's easy - because we are passionate about them. Like you, we have been captured by the mystery and beauty of the far north and south. Our idea of a good time is strapping on a skis and breaking trail over frozen landscapes. To us, frozen eyelashes and frosty faces make people more beautiful, and the crunch sound of a sled gliding over compacted snow is music to our ears. We guide expeditions to the polar regions because we love and respect their unforgiving and beautiful environs. We want to share with you the powerful sense of discovery that makes an expedition of this magnitude so rewarding. 

#4: Stewardship

King penguins on the shore of a river on South Georgia Island near Antarcitca. This

We are ambassadors for the Polar Regions, and we take our job seriously.Though seemingly hearty, rugged and even hostile, the Polar Regions are extremely fragile. With the North Pole at Ground Zero of global warming and frozen places everywhere feeling the heat of climate change there is reason for serious concern about the future of our planet. We want our children and our children's children to be able to explore these wild and remote places as we have. We are a small company with big ambitions. A company that embodies the virtues of our guides and staff. For this reason we pledge to be educators and activists who will stand up for these places that have no voice of their own. And for as long as there are cold places we will be exploring them and inspiring intrepid adventurers from across the globe to live fully and care deeply about their world. Like a group of lively sled dogs we prefer to travel in a pack so grab your parka and a pair of warm boots and come join us for an adventure you will never forget!

#5: Pre-Expedition Support

The PolarExplorers family of guides and staff taken at their headquarters in Wilmette, IL USA

We know that an expedition has phases. The first phase starts the moment you commit to going.  It includes the research about your destination and choosing a guide company. It includes finding the right gear and all your physical training. It includes your mental preparations, laying everything out on the bed, and sometimes collecting notes of encouragement from loved ones to store in your journal. It's a huge part of the journey, and it can be very rewarding. Our guides and support staff know the importance of this process and make themselves available every step of the way. From offering advice to checking out your supply of gloves to help you choose the right ones; from sharing tire-hauling tips to giving their thoughts on the best restaurants in town. We are here for you, right from the beginning. 

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