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Skiers skiing across Antarctica on our full-distance South Pole Expedition

Full Length South Pole Ski

"Many thanks to everyone at PolarExplorers for making this expedition possible for me.
I enjoyed every minute of it (even though I didn't expect to)
and that was in part due to our guide's leadership."

—  Name, Title

Are you a serious adventurer looking for the challenge of a lifetime? Join us by embarking on this very demanding & deeply rewarding expedition. The Full South Pole Expedition challenges even the most experienced adventurers. Expect persistent winds, heavy sleds, eight to ten hours of skiing each day and temperatures plunging well below zero. Expect also pristine wilderness, surreal beauty and an opportunity to get to know Antarctica's many moods. What makes this expedition so different from other extreme adventures, in particular high altitude mountaineering, is the persistent workload. There are no basecamps for respite and only a handful of layover days. Each day brings the challenges of making and breaking camp, hauling a heavy sled for miles, preparing your own meals, melting snow and maintaining both your gear and your body, day after day after day. The routine of moving during the day and resting at night becomes methodical, but it is never easy, and it doesn't let up until you have arrived at 90º S. This expedition is an intense, life-changing experience. Give us a shout to learn more. We'd be happy to talk with you about the challenges and how to know if this is the right expedition for you. 

Dates & Rates

2024/2025 Dates: 

Approximately November 18, 2024- January 4, 2025 (Messner Start)

2024/20215 Price:

Contact us for pricing.

Participants receive a discount on our various Polar Trainings.


Includes all accommodations and meals while in Antarctica, guide(s), permits, communication & safety gear.


Pre-expedition: Meet in Punta Arenas, Chile for individual gear checks, review of expedition procedures & a variety of logistical preparations. 


Depart for Antarctica. The 4.5 hour flight will take us across the Drake Passage, past the coast of Antarctica and to the Union Glacier basecamp.

DAY 2-4

We'll spend two days (+/-) at or near the Union Glacier basecamp base camp practicing our routine and ensuring that "all systems are go" before we depart for our starting point. This will likely include an overnight shakedown with our loaded sleds as well as time to acclimatize to the spectacular environment.

Read the full itinerary here.


This is an extremely challenging expedition designed for people looking for and prepared for the ultimate adventure. A resume of your previous expedition experience and approval of the guide is required for your participation. Full medical evacuation and trip cancellation insurance is required.


Please contact us with further questions!


Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive gear guide that explains the importance of each item as well as gear recommendations from our past participants. Please contact us for more information about your personal gear and group gear for this expedition.

Several items on our equipment checklist are available from our store. 

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