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A group of skiers celebrate after skiing the the North Pole on our North Pole Last Degree ski trek.

NorthPole Half Degree (and shorter)

"It was truly a wonderful trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of it. You have a great company and terrific people there, and I am sure I will have the chance to be with you all again in the future. If you need a reference to speak to any potential clients, feel free to have them contact me.
I will be your greatest cheerleader."

—  Name, Title

North Pole Half Degree

Our North Pole Half Degree ski expedition is perfect for people who like the idea of participating in a North Pole expedition but don't have the time or desire to embark in the longer last degree expedition. The Half Degree ski expedition incorporates all the fun of the longer expeditions in a fraction of the time. Departing from Longyearbyen, Norway, you'll board a charter flight to the Barneo ice station at approximately 89 degrees north. From here, we'll fly by helicopter to our starting point closer to the Pole. We'll spend 4-5 days skiing over the dynamic pack ice that surrounds the North Pole. All the adventure, half the time. Looking for a shorter duration? We can organize 2-3 night expeditions covering shorter distances. Contact us for more details.

Dates & Rates

2024 Dates: 

Contact us for details.

2024 Price:

TBA (in 2023 it was €53,000*)

*Price increases after December 1, annually.

We also have options for "highly supported" expeditions with exceptionally high guide to client ratios. Contact us for details.

Participants receive a discount on our 5-day Polar Shakedown Training. Click here for more details.


All group equipment, ski system, sleeping system, team anorak (yours to keep), guide(s), communication & safety gear, North Pole certificate. 

A 25% deposit will hold your space. Payment in full is due by December 1, 2021. 


Pre Expedition: Arrive in Longyearbyen.


The morning is yours to explore Longyearbyen or participate in a guided snowmobile or dogsled tour (ask us for recommendations). In the afternoon we'll check your gear if we haven't already so you have time to visit stores for any last minute necessities. Evening welcome reception & dinner.


Final equipment review, warm-up ski in Spitsbergen. Pre-flight briefing and transfer of all kit to the airport for weigh-in and pre loading.


Charter flight to 89 degrees north. Once at the ice station we will have time to make final preparations. We may spend the night at the ice station or we may head out directly for the North Pole.

Read the full itinerary here.


This polar expedition is for people who are in good shape and are eager to push themselves physically and mentally. Though the skiing is quite demanding, it does not require significant skill (it is very much like walking with skis on). You will need to have very good cardiovascular endurance and the ability to pull a sled (between 20-25 kilos) for several hours at a time. Towards the end of the day when we stop skiing, it is critical that you have the energy reserves to help set up camp and keep yourself warm. Most importantly you need to be able to regulate your body temperature so that you do not get too cold, or too hot while you are on the move.

This expedition will encounter extremely cold conditions, and living in such cold conditions 24 hours a day can be very challenging. You do not have to be a world class athlete to participate in and enjoy this expedition, but every ounce of training and preparation will help to make the expedition more enjoyable and safer.



Please contact us with further questions!


Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive gear guide that explains the importance of each item as well as gear recommendations from our past participants. Please contact us for more information about your personal gear and group gear for this expedition.

Several items on our equipment checklist are available from our store. 

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