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Alumni Adventure Alert! Kayaking in Crete, Greece

Updated: May 20, 2021

There are some perks to being an Alum of a PolarExplorers expedition or training . First, there's new friendships and deep connections to amazing places; second, there's bragging rights about some of the "coolest" places on the planet (pun intended); and third, there's opportunities for future adventures including our Alumni Adventures.

Our latest Alumni Adventure will take us to the beautiful island of Crete, Greece, where we'll explore the warm waters of the Mediterranean by sea kayak, hike "gorge"-ous trails, treat ourselves to excellent cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of small seaside family-run inns.

Wait, what??? Warm, not cold? Yes! This is a time to kick back, relax and give ourselves a break from the stress of the last year. But don't worry, there's plenty of adventure to be had. The sea kayaking is top notch, and the trails are awesome (including a descent of Europe's deepest gorge). We don't have a bit of guilt heading somewhere warm instead of cold for this Alumni Adventure. In fact, we can't wait to wear flip flops instead of pack boots and eat a Greek salad for an appetizer instead of a quesadilla fried in a pound of butter (oh, but those are so tasty they might have to make an appearance.) If this sounds too easy and you're looking for our standard cold-weather, nose-to-the-grindstone, gold star challenge, check out our August Greenland Icecap Crossing. Weather permitting, you'll finish in time to hop on over to Crete and join us for the Alumni Adventure. No better way to warm up!

Can I bring my spouse? My kids? My friends? Yes! The more the merrier. This inn-to-inn itinerary (no camping) is extremely flexible which allows for a variety of skill levels, ages and abilities. Everyone will like it, even your non-camping-need-a-shower-every-day best friend. We have a particular fondness for multi-generational adventures so we encourage you to invite family too!

What else can you tell me? For a good preview of what this adventure is all about watch this short video. If you need convincing, give us a call and let us share with you why Crete is our favorite warm weather playground, and why our sister company, The Northwest Passage, has been guiding trips there longer than we've been going to the North Pole!

Are there any add-ons to this adventure? Yes, join us the week before (Sept. 18-25) to circumnavigate Santorini by kayak. You'll find more info here.

This sounds awesome, but what about COVID? Greece is open for tourists from many countries including the USA and EU (click here for more details). Fortunately almost all our activities, including dining, are outdoors making this a naturally low-risk adventure. Of course we will follow all regional COVID guidelines to help ensure that we remain safe and also respectful to our local hosts. Everyone should be prepared to wear a mask and social distance if a situation calls for it.

OK, you've got me. What do I do now? Easy peasy. You can register online here, or if you have any questions give us a call or send us and email. When you're officially "on board" we'll send you an eConfirmation Kit that includes everything you need to know for this adventure including how to get to Crete, where we'll meet, what to bring, what not to bring, tips for traveling, etc.

Here are the details:

Dates: September 27-October 4, 2021

Discounted price for PE Alums: $3,095 per person (double occupancy)

Single supplement: $600


Santorini add-on dates: September 18-25, 2021

Price: $4,495 per person (double occupancy)

Single supplement: $850

Here's to old friends and new adventures!

The Northwest Passage Crete Kayaking trip includes a descent of the Samaria Gorge.
Descending the Samaria Gorge - Europe's deepest gorge.


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