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South Georgia Island at Last!

The Shackleton Traverse team made it to the shores of King Haakon Bay, South Georgia Island about four hours ago! After being dropped off by zodiacs, the team had quite a task ahead of them. They had to carry their sleds from shore to the nearest snowfield. Lugging bulky sleds for a kilometer over rocky terrain is hard enough. But our team had the added challenge of being assailed by driving wind and steady, slushy precipitation. Having fun yet?!

King Haakon Bay, South Georgia Island: where the journey begins for our Shackleton Traverse Team

Of course they are! On their way into shore they passed gargantuan icebergs and marveled at hanging glaciers, gigantic elephant seals, penguins, and all kinds of seabirds. PolarExplorers director and guide, Annie Aggens, reports that they can hear elephant seals snorting from their campsite.

All are well and excited for days to come. Tomorrow ought to be an especially great day. They'll climb up from the land onto glacial terrain, and it looks like it'll be their most advantageous weather day of the crossing. Wind and precipitation are meant to become much friendlier. As such, they hope to make the most of the good conditions and cover lots of ground.

A rendering of Shackleton and crew approaching King Haakon Bay onboard the James Caird lifeboat in a last ditch effort to secure his men's safety

What an amazing evening they must be having! Very well traveled adventurers consistently remark that South Georgia Island is uniquely gorgeous. How exciting to be off on an adventure of a lifetime in one of the world's most beautiful places!

A resident of King Haakon Bay gets comfortable

Check back tomorrow to see how the team fared in advantageous weather conditions.


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