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The Last Degree Challenge

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Here at PolarExplorers, one of our most popular expeditions is our North Pole Last Degree. This expedition traverses the 60 nautical miles that make up the last degree of latitude, from 89º to 90º north, across the frozen Polar Sea. Unfortunately, this expedition has been postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, but we're determined not to let all our "Last Degree" energy go to waste, which is why we created the Last Degree Challenge.

It's an expedition of a different sort. The basecamp is wherever you are. The team consists of you, any friends crazy enough to join you, and fellow adventurers from across the globe. The goal is to hike, walk, run, ski, jog, or even swim 60 nautical miles (that's 69 statute miles or 111 km) before the end of May to honor and celebrate a year of challenge and resilience.

Like on any of our expeditions, we'll be right there with you - at least virtually! And we'll help you celebrate when you reach your "Pole" (which is of course, wherever your 60th nautical mile lands you - so make it somewhere incredible or at least memorable!)

How it Works

Before the end of May, you will run, walk, hike, ski an accumulative 60 nautical miles. This is 69 statute miles or 111km ( The same distance as one degree of Latitude). You can chip away at it in small increments, or over several long hikes. You can wear a pack, drag a tire, or neither. You can even change it up from day to day. Whichever way you like, just log your distance and share it with us via Facebook or Instagram along with a photo or short video.

Each week, in addition to posting our own progress, the PolarExplorers team will be sharing helpful videos on how we train year round for all of our expeditions.

How to Join

It's simple! Join our Last Degree Challenge Group and Follow us on Instagram at @PolarExplorers.

Start your Last Degree Challenge whenever you wish (all miles/kilometers are self reported) and keep track as you make your way toward 60 nautical miles!

Invite your friends and family to join as well! After all, taking on a challenge with a solid team is always easier than going it alone.


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