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Congratulations to Team 1!!

We are so excited to share that Team Ski Strap has officially made it to the east coast! A massive congratulations to Taylor's team for completing their expedition. The group arrived in Tasiiliq three hours ago, marking the end of their incredible journey across the Greenland ice cap.

They endured a grueling 30-hour push that took them from their previous camp all the way to the water's edge on the east coast. This remarkable feat showcases their endurance, determination, and teamwork.

Upon reaching the coast, they were picked up by helicopter and flown to Tasiiliq. Now settled in Tasiiliq, the team is taking a well-deserved rest. They will spend the night and hope to depart home tomorrow.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Team 2, currently one day behind, is also making significant strides in their expedition. They left their camp around noon today and set off on a long march with the goal of reaching the edge of the ice cap by the end of the day. The team's spirits are high, and they are determined.

Congratulations again to Taylor's team for completing their journey, and we look forward to sharing more achievements from Team 2 soon. Stay tuned!

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Cheering you on! Hope the last push is amazing.

Me gusta

Congratulations Team 1!!!

Team 2 :Cocoa-motive, all the best!

Prayers to you and safe travels.

We have been following you from California.

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