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A Commendable Push in The Boss' Footsteps

Our team rose at 6am and broke camp at 8. Once again they had to carry their sleds a short distance from camp to a decent snowfield before they could begin skiing.

South Georgia Island

Once they got on trail in earnest they had to contend with some difficult conditions. The weather was quite agreeable all day, but the snow they traveled over was very wet and heavy for the entirety of the six miles they covered. Wet snow snow can be so energy sapping. It's sticky. It clumps up on your skis. It can make it feel like you're towing your sled through wet cement.

But the team persevered admirably and made some very good progress. They followed in the Boss' (Ernest Shackleton's) 107 year old footsteps, passing through Shackleton Gap and climbing up to the Murray Snowfield. The climb was very steep . They had to cut a lot of switchbacks into the sticky snow. They're currently camped on the west side of Trident Ridge about 200 feet beneath the ridgeline. Annie reports that they have an incredible view of Possession Bay.

It appears that tomorrow's weather will be cooperative. They'll surely get another early start and crank out as many miles as they can before some snowfall and wind build up overnight and into Thursday.

All are doing very well and delighted to be in the midst of such an amazing adventure. And some Minnesota and Denver football fans on the team were pleased to hear that the Vikings and the Broncos both recorded wins in week 10 of the NFL season.

Check back tomorrow to find out just how far our team progressed!


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