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A Day of Progress

Today is the first day we have an update from the ice from both teams!

Team #1: Stuart, Dirk, James & Taylor

The blue ice labyrinth continued today for Team #1 as they carried on eastward. They are finally past any (non-frozen) water hazard and are hoping the terrain will soon smooth out so they can really find their groove. Everyone spent the day utterly captivated by the surrounding ice channels that have been formed from melting water. While the scenery was stunning, the day proved challenging as they navigated the rolling terrain. They totaled 6.5 miles and are feeling great! Everyone did awesome.

Team #2: Trudi, Wilfred, Joe, Monet, Bruce, Annie & CP

First day done! Team #2 had a great day with a similar start as Team #1. They were up early to travel to their drop-off spot and had to spend the first few hours hauling their gear over a rocky hill until finally reaching the ice cap. They spent the rest of their day skiing up, down, and around all sorts of glacial features. It was beautiful and exciting for the whole group! They are finishing up their day in camp with hot drinks and dinner.

Teammate spotlight! Wilfred Moshi is joining Team #2 from Tanzania and is hoping to be the first Tanzanian to ski across Greenland.

Thanks for following along with us! Check back in tomorrow for another update!


Wishing all the team's a safe journey.

Wilfred we are very proud of you. Yes!please, represent us.



I don’t think you have a Joel on your trip #2! You must mean Joe. A fabulous ski to all.

Replying to

You are correct!

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