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Another Night at Union Glacier

Our team received word this morning that they are scheduled to fly out of Union Glacier tomorrow. As of now the weather is looking like it'll allow for air travel. Fingers crossed that the forecast holds!

Arne, Claus and, Taylor are enjoying a beautiful day in the Ellsworth Mountains as they await the true beginning of the expedition. They had a leisurely breakfast and went for a relaxed training ski around camp in the early afternoon.

Arne and Claus at Union Glacier

They are focusing on staying hydrated in the cold, dry climate. Staying hydrated is, of course, always important on expedition, but it's especially important today because they'll be gaining some serious elevation tomorrow.

Yesterday morning they were essentially at sea level in Punta Arenas. Then they arrived at Union Glacier, which sits at roughly 2,300' above sea level. But tomorrow, when they arrive on the Polar Plateau, they'll be at roughly 9,000'!

So staying hydrated and getting quality rest tonight will go a long way toward counteracting any altitude sickness symptoms during the first couple days of the expedition.

Thanks again for following along. Check back for late arriving audio dispatches and tomorrow's blog.


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