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Back at Union Glacier Base Camp

Team Blind is back at Union Glacier Base Camp for the night, and they're awaiting word on when they'll get to fly back to Punta Arenas. The wind is very strong at UG at the moment (gusts over 60 mph!), but hopefully a new weather system will move in by tomorrow.

Everyone is enjoying the gradual reintegration of simple conveniences that so many of us take for granted: easy access to water, shelters you can stand up in, communities larger than three people, eating food that isn't freeze-dried... Being out on trail really makes you appreciate all the simple comforts of modern life.

Taylor, Claus, and Arne are enjoying lots of good food. They've been spending the afternoon relaxing and attending lectures. Tonight they will screen Arne's film "Tracks in the Dark", which chronicles Arne and Claus' experience at the 2016 Arctic Circle Race, a 160 km cross country ski race in Greenland. We can't imagine a better audience for a ski race documentary than the crowd at Union Glacier!

We're not certain when Team Blind will be able to fly back to South America. We're hoping for tomorrow but time will tell. Thanks, as always, for following, and check back soon for updates on the team's departure from Antarctica.


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