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Hello From Greenland!

Hello from Greenland! Our Greenland icecap crossing teams have officially touched down in Kangerlussuaq. We have 2 teams starting their icecap crossing a day apart. Team #1, led by PE guide Taylor, will begin on April 30th. Team #2, led by PE guides Annie & CP, will head out on May 1st. They are so excited to be preparing for their ski and pulk traverse and are nearly ready for their departure!

Today involved prepping their tents, checking the stoves, organizing personal gear, and filling up fuel bottles. Without rental vehicles or taxis in the area, CP & Annie wound up hauling 100+ liters of fuel by hand cart for nearly 2 miles!

Their day ended with a fantastic dinner of traditional Greenlandic dishes. The weather was beautiful even if a little warmer and sunnier than they would like. The colder it is, the drier their ascent will likely be in a few days.

Their hotel rooms are filled with food, gear, and skis, and are slowly but surely getting more and more organized. Everyone is in high spirits and getting excited for their journey across the icecap! Stay tuned for more updates from our expedition teams!

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Loved the link to follow along and I’m sure all of Canmore Alberta is following this expedition watching Stuart’s progress.

Hi to the dream team, Taylor & Annie,

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