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Celebrating Constitution Day from Greenland

"Gratulere med dage Norway. What a perfect 17th of May. We had a chilly morning at -22 degrees, a full day of sunshine, and nice snow conditions. We had a long great day, skiing almost 16 miles.

Personally, I celebrated this day with Kvikk Lunsj and reindeer heart from Pasvik in my soup and dinner." -Update from Dirk.

Every year on May 17th, Norway bursts into a sea of red, white, and blue as Norwegians celebrate their Constitution Day, known as "Syttende Mai." This vibrant national holiday marks the signing of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814, a pivotal moment when Norway declared independence from Denmark. The day is a joyful and inclusive celebration of freedom, democracy, and national pride. We're glad Dirk had some time today to celebrate the day!

All is well on the ice!

Team 1 Skiing

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JOE Kellogg
JOE Kellogg
18 de mai.

Happy birthday to dearest Joe on the 19th, miss you but know you’re having such an amazing journey.

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