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Busy Day of Preparation

Updated: May 1

Today has been filled with eager anticipation and more preparations for the expedition. Stuart, Dirk, James, and Taylor (team #1) depart tomorrow morning for Point 660 where they will begin their ascent to the icecap. Today they mailed all their regular clothes, shoes, and travel gear to the east coast where they will pick it up in a handful of weeks. Trudi, Wilfred, Joe, Monet, Bruce, Annie, and CP (team #2) worked on their tents, stoves, and group gear. They are buzzing with excitement as the start of their icecap journey is only a day away!

The teams had an unexpected and meaningful visit from an elder who explained that the icecap is sacred for the people of Greenland and that they must tread lightly and understand its significance to the whole world. He shared that the people of Greenland call it not the "inland ice" as we tend to know it, but the "big ice" or "Sermersuaq". He sang a chant loud and vibrant, and then let it drift up to the sky. It was a deeply meaningful moment as they all began to grasp the magnitude of their upcoming expedition. We will be posting regular updates, so stay tuned!


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