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Back in South America

Team Blind's extraordinary travel fortunes have continued all the way back to South America. Yesterday's extremely windy conditions at Union Glacier improved overnight, allowing our team to board a flight to Punta Arenas today. They are likely touching down at the time of this writing.

Longtime PolarExplorers guide, Keith Heger, commented that he can't remember a South Pole expedition team with better logistical luck. In that part of the world, days-long travel delays are the norm, and on-time departures are treasured exceptions to the rule.

It will, no doubt, be a culture shock for our team to return to such a (relatively) bustling metropolis after their time on Antarctica. And even though they've just barely left the wilderness behind them, Taylor reports that Team Blind is already dreaming of their next adventures!

Thank you to all who have followed along on Team Blind's intrepid journey to the South Pole. This entry concludes our daily coverage of the Last Degree expedition. All of our expeditions are special, but Arne and Claus made this one unique. We salute you and your incredible accomplishment, gentlemen.

On the subject of his goals for the expedition, Arne wrote:

“I want to promote the sighted's knowledge of what blind people can do and be a role model for

other blind people. I want to show that it is important to work with objectives if you want to

achieve your personal goals. Sports are moving more and more towards extreme sports, and I

want to show the world that blind people can also take part in that movement.”

Mission accomplished, Arne. Outstanding job!


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