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Best Kept Secrets

There's something about sharing "best kept secrets" that feels really good. Especially when you know they will make someone happy... and ESPECIALLY when you really believe in them. Yes, the season of giving is in December but I'm going to share couple of my best kept "expedition secrets" now because everybody needs a little boost now and then. Number 3 may cause you to change your travel schedule, so don't skip it!

1) Best kept tent-bound entertainment secret - A game of Battleship. No game board necessary. All you need is paper and pen. It's strategic, competitive, suspenseful and so much fun. Best of all, it can be played from your sleeping bag, or even between two different tents. Here's a primer on how to play Battleship on paper. The runner up in this category is easy, a Connect Four tournament. Also playable on paper and between tents with a similar strategy. (video instructions here).

2) Best kept snack secret - Eating your favorite nut mix from a wide mouthed Nalgene bottle. No need to get your hands out of your mitts for this power snack. No wrappers either. It's the easiest and one of the fastest ways to consume calories.

3) Best kept "secret" destination - Iceland's mighty Vatnajökull Glacier. Hands down this glacier is one of my favorite destinations for a classic ski expedition and yet so few skiers go there! It's exciting (we spend the night on the caldera of Iceland's most active volcano); it's beautiful (a dazzling mix of undulating glacier and alpine terrain); it can be challenging (the wind can be notorious but the temperatures are typically moderate); and perhaps most convenient of all, it's not at the ends of the Earth! In fact, for many people this expedition can be completed in 11 days from door to door (and that even includes a soak in one of Iceland's famous hot springs). We travel to Iceland every May to do a classic traverse of Vatnajökull; why not join us? Give us a call and we'll answer your questions and tell you all about it. Bonus tip: Most vaccinated travelers don't have to quarantine in Iceland! (click here to check your specific entry requirements).

What are your best kept expedition secrets? We'd love to know! Send us a message or comment below!


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