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First Update From the Ice

Updated: Apr 30

We have received our first update from the ice cap, and team #1 (Taylor, Stuart, Dirk, & James) has successfully completed their first day!

The group was dropped off around 11:45 am and spent the first two hours shuffling their gear across the moraine to the ice. They started their journey in crampons, slowly making their way up the icefall. Despite encountering some snow, the weather eventually cleared up, giving them time to marvel at the beauty of their surroundings. After making it a total of 2.5 miles, they have set up camp and are ready for some rest before continuing forward tomorrow.

Team #2 had another busy day of preparation. They packed sleds and finished up a few last-minute details. They ended the day with another great dinner and are headed for an early bedtime to get some major rest before the start of their expedition tomorrow. The group plans to get up early and leave for the ice cap around 8 am.


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Paulo Riziki
Paulo Riziki
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So excited to follow these teams on this grand adventure. Way to go all!

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