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Getting in a Groove

Team #1:

Yesterday, the group had another day of perfect weather. Bluebird, calm wind, and even a tail wind in the beginning of the day. They made sure to enjoy it!

Today, we got an update from Stuart:

"Hi everyone! The weather was foggy this morning, so the group all placed bets on what time the sun would come out. James won the snickers bar for a 2pm bet. Skiing conditions were great and we made a good distance of 13.7 miles today. We're now all in camp resting and eating."

Team #2 - The Cocoa-Motive:

The group has officially decided to change their team name from the "Cocoa-Nuts" to the "Cocoa-Motive"! Yesterday the group skied 12 miles and ended the day tired, but happy. It was mostly sunny but towards the end of the day the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. They had 3 big hills that made them work hard for their breaks. The team is getting better at setting up camp quickly and yesterday was the first day that they skied with their sleeping systems intact on the top of their sleds. It was awesome for them to just throw them in their tents and not have to lay stuff out and blow up their pads. All of their breaks were really enjoyable, one in particular was a bit colder & more windy. Yesterday ended with a delicious dinner. Joe had fettuccine alfredo and Trudi had chicken fajitas!

Today Team #2 totaled about 12.4 miles and gained over 150m. Their day started out in a complete whiteout. "Inside the ping pong ball". Everyone is still doing great and they are having a blast telling jokes and riddles during their breaks. Their appetites are ramping up as their days begin to get longer and they start making more progress. Their day finished with another yummy dinner under a sunny sky!

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JOE Kellogg
JOE Kellogg
06 de mai.

It’s snowing in Leadville too but so much warmer!

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