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Great Second Full Day on Trail

Team Blind put in another great effort on their second full day on trail. They made the most of their continued great skiing conditions by logging another 8 nautical miles of progress toward the Pole.

Taylor reported that the temperature continues to hover around -23 degrees Celsius, and, very importantly, the winds remain very light thus far. He also reports that they are really "hitting their stride" in terms of maximizing their efficiency when making and breaking camp.

As an added bonus, they really enjoyed their dinner of a freeze-dried yellow curry. If you've ever had to rely on freeze dry for your meals, you know that it's not really a Michelin star experience! So when you get a good meal while expeditioning in the middle of nowehere, it's worth celebrating.

Follow the link below for Claus' audio dispatch, and be sure to check back tomorrow for another update.


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