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Halfway to the Summit of the Ice Cap!

It is an exciting day for both teams as they are about halfway to the summit of the ice cap! Our two teams camped about 5 miles apart last night. Along with that, they are about ~5 days away from their first big milestone, Dye 2.

Team #1:

The group is on day 7 of their expedition and had a fantastic day. Our update today was provided by Dirk - "This morning we woke to about -25 degrees and sunshine. Although we have been on the track for a while now, we haven't reached the summit quite yet. The snow conditions are perfect and if it were up to me, the ski days could be longer. It is so much fun out here. Since yesterday, I stopped thinking and became one with nature! It feels incredible. We did 13.1 miles in ideal conditions."

Team 1 has gotten into a routine of waking up at 7, and skiing by 9. They average about 1 hour pushes before stopping for quick 15-minute breaks throughout the day.

Team #2 - The Cocoa-Motive:

Just like for Team 1, day 6 started a bit cold for the group. It warmed up throughout the day, which they welcomed. They had a bunch of hills today, which felt more like one long uphill and totaled around 12 miles. Team 2 is at 5050 feet tonight and they have definitely earned their rest! The group decided to switch up tent groups for the first time. Monet, Wilfred, and Annie are in their 4-person tent and Joe, Bruce, Trudi, and CP are in the other. Finishing out their evening now cooking and putting their feet up.


Hi Joe and team two. Enjoying the adventure with you. Your fan group from Rhode Island,! Keep gliding and smiling.


This is truly unbelieveable!!! I'm enjoying following your adventure!! Go Bruce!

Vanessa Adolf

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