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Here We Go!

Our team departed Union Glacier first thing this morning onboard a flight to the Polar Plateau. After touching down at 89 degrees south, Team Blind got situated and skied about 2 nautical miles toward the Pole.

Conditions really couldn't be much better. It's about -20 degrees Celsius with sunny skies and very little wind. Taylor mentioned that it's probably the nicest day he's ever experienced on a South Pole expedition.

So far everyone is feeling good and adjusting well to the nearly 7,000' of elevation gain. Taylor has been cooking up some tasty camp fare, and spirits are high.

It's always an amazing experience to be dropped off by aircraft in the middle of nowhere. The expedition always feels like it's beginning in earnest when the plane lifts off and disappears into the distance bringing all its noise with it. And then, it's just you, your teammates, and the sound of the wind gliding over the ice.

Follow the link below to hear Claus' audio dispatch from the team's tent just 58 miles from the South Pole. Check back tomorrow for an update from the first full day on trail.


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