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Jamming Out in the Tent

Team Blind skied 9.5 miles today, the most they have on any day of the expedition so far. They have just 9.5 more miles separating them from the Pole! And their luck (dating back to their on-time departure from Punta Arenas, Chile) is still holding. They enjoyed mild temperatures, sunny skies, and they hardly felt a breath of wind today.

They were feeling so elated and full of energy that they skied side by side and chatted for most of the day. Typically groups ski single file so that the leader's sled carves a smooth trail through the snow which makes it easier for the rest of the group to follow.

However, they did encounter very deep sastrugi which demanded more effort as they traversed the ridges. Sastrugi are wave-like grooves that the wind carves into the snow. They somewhat resemble the ridges on the sea floor of sandy beaches.


The visibility was so good that Taylor and Claus caught their first glimpse of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station from a distance of about 14 miles. The goal is in sight!

The team is super excited and all are in a very jovial mood. When Taylor transmitted his trail notes for the day, they were having an expedition style "dance party" in their tent. Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac are prominently featured in their playlist!


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