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Nearing the Finish Line

Team Ski Strap:

"James from Team Mambo No5 here! We got ever closer to the east coast today covering our team's personal best of 19 miles. The weather was warm but windy, and occasionally developed into whiteout conditions, which made it tricky for navigating.

Regardless, we stayed on course, pushing into the evening as a mild snowstorm whirled around us. We'll have a well-deserved little lie in tomorrow and then hopefully weather conditions will allow us to head down to the coastline. The end is near!"

I guess Team #1 has changed their name from Team Ski Strap to Team Mambo No5! They are nearing the coast quickly and can finally see the finish line.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

"Today we've had the warmest conditions of the whole expedition, but it was blowing pretty good this morning and it still felt cold. By midday, we could feel it was warming up, especially on the uphills, which there seemed to be a surprising number of even though we are on the descent.

We made 6 pushes that were around 80 minutes each and we made over 14.4 miles. People were wiped out at the end of the day but tents were up quickly and soups and dinners were down quickly. Some people are eating two dinners. Or dinner plus lunch snacks or an extra breakfast after dinner. We are all hungry all the time!!!

We are trading lunch snacks and inviting each other into our tents to talk about something as long as the guests bring a snack to share. We can hear the wind on the tent and it's relaxing. Tomorrow's weather is expected to be 32 F. That's tricky and potentially very wet since snow is also in the forecast. We will see what we get and hope for the best. Fingers crossed! Goodnight!" -Update from Annie


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