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Nearly to Dye 2

Team Haribo:

The group skied 12 miles today in mostly good conditions. About midday, they had a binding break and had to do some trail-side MacGyvering. They were able to find a temporary solution and are now working on fixing the binding permanently. All else is good, and the team is hoping to be at Dye 2 by tomorrow evening.

Dye 2 is an abandoned radar station that was part of the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Line) and was decommissioned in the late 80s. It will be the first major milestone for both teams.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Another good but challenging day today for Team 2 with around 11.7 miles of progress made. Their main obstacle was big snow drifts that were built up in the night. The drifts added a lot of friction to their skis and sleds throughout the day.

The group is camped at just about 1900m. They are 21 miles away from Dye 2 and expect to be there in about 2 days. Safe to say they are excited!

Today's highlight for the team was spotting their first wildlife! A little black bird flapping in the wind. It was the first living thing they have seen since leaving the land on May 1st.


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