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Over Halfway to the Pole!

Team Blind skied another 9 nautical miles south today. A really great pace! They've certainly found their groove. They're now just 27 miles from the Pole. So, if they keep this pace, they'll reach 90 degrees south on Saturday evening.

Up to now Arne, Claus, and Taylor, have been sleeping in the same tent together, but tonight Taylor will sleep alone in the team's emergency shelter. Why is Taylor bunking alone? It's in an attempt to allow everyone to get better rest tonight.

It's not a snoring issue, but rather a heat wave that they're trying to avoid. Believe it or not, it can be downright toasty in the tent on a South Pole expedition, even when the outside temperature is frigidly cold. The sun's radiation can be so intense that it turns the tent into a greenhouse.

So while the sunny skies are a joy to ski under, they can make it difficult to rest well at night. Taylor reports that it's been so hot in the tent overnight that the team hasn't even been getting into their sleeping bags until an early morning chill sets in. So tonight they're hoping that the diminished body heat in the main tent will help all sleep well.

Follow the links below to hear Arne's two audio updates (he lost connection during the first installment), and check back tomorrow to see if they can maintain their rapid pace!


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