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Rewarding Days on the Ice

Team #1:

Hi! James from Team #1 here! Today was a really fun day beginning with the last of nature's labyrinth of ice sculptures and varied terrain. With the terrain leveling somewhat and becoming more consistent, we managed to stick to an easterly bearing for the whole day which felt very good.

Today felt like real progress with over 10 miles covered in cloudy but calm weather and temperatures hovering around -6 Celsius. We fitted our harnesses and roped up for the bulk of the day for safety. Gradually reaching the ice cap felt amazing after some tough but rewarding days and finally being able to wear our skis was the icing on the cake. It feels like we are truly on our way across the white expanse of Greenland!

Team #2 aka "The Cocoa-Nuts":

It was a great first full day for Team #2. They are officially renaming their team name to "The Cocoa-Nuts". They seem to have packed a lot of it!

The first 3 hours of their day were spent getting out of a maze of ice and water. Navigation seemed to get easier as the day went on. The group wore their crampons all day and made 10.5km (roughly 6.5 miles) of progress which they are very happy about! It seems that the hardest part of the icefall is behind them and they are hoping to be able to put their crampons away at some point tomorrow. All is well!


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