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Rolling on Big Swells

Several team members have been experiencing motion sickness symptoms as the Plancius progresses towards South Georgia Island. And it's no wonder. Their route is notoriously stormy.

The good news is that no one is in bad shape. It's just uncomfortable. Anyone who has experienced seasickness can relate. Affected team members are finding that focusing on the bumpy horizon while breathing deeply is the best position of comfort.

Our team will arrive at South Georgia Island very soon!

And more good news, just after midnight they emerged from the windiest section of their inbound voyage to South Georgia. They plan to take advantage of today's comparatively calmer seas by preparing for the mountaineering traverse on the deck of the Plancius. If conditions allow, they will practice pitching and breaking down tents, packing sleds efficiently, and reviewing technical rope skills.

The Plancius has several seabird escorts in tow, including albatross

The team has also had the pleasure of attending some interesting lectures onboard, including some focusing on southern ocean whales and seabirds. Unsurprisingly, a group of seabirds including albatross have been following the Plancius. Very fun to observe!

Thanks again for following. More news to come soon!


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