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Solid Effort on the First Full Day

Team Blind skied 5 nautical miles south today, and had a restorative afternoon in their tent. The strategy is to gradually ramp up the daily mileage as they acclimate to the altitude. They are currently 53 miles from the South Pole.

For the second day in a row they enjoyed perfect conditions: -20 degrees Celsius, sunny skies, and light wind from the southeast.

The sunny skies surely made for a pleasant evening in the tent. The solar radiation is so intense over the Polar Plateau that it actually heats the tent to quite a comfortable temperature making it easy to relax comfortably.

The plan is to ski for a full eight hours tomorrow and push the daily mileage total closer to ten. All in all, it was a great day on trail.

Follow the link below to hear Arne's audio dispatch from the trail.


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