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Team 1 Reaches Dye 2!

Team Haribo:

"We had a great day today. During our first push, we saw 3 little birds flying around, which was strange and got the song stuck in my head for a bit. During our second push, Dye 2 came into sight. It was a perfect bluebird day and we could see it from about 11 miles away.

Throughout the afternoon, we were entertained by the comings and goings of the C-130 jets landing and taking off at the Dye 2 airstrip which was quite the change of scenery! We also saw a flock of migrating ducks heading west. And of course, we ended up at Dye 2 after 14.4 miles of progress, our longest day yet.

After not seeing a single sign of life for 11 days, today was different! Tomorrow morning we will explore the spooky halls of Dye 2 and then continue east." -Update from Stuart.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Another good day on the ice! 12.7 miles and 100m of progress made. The group got their first glimpse of Dye 2 today and are camping about 9.3 miles away from the big milestone. They had an exceptionally clear and sunny day which continued into their evening. The skiing was a steady and gentle incline with crystal-like snow.

The team hopes to reach Dye 2 tomorrow by midafternoon and spend the rest of the day exploring the unique site.

Check back in with us tomorrow!


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