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The "Water Glacier"

Updated: May 27, 2022

In Icelandic, "Vatn" means water and "jokull" means glacier. So Vatnajokull translates to water glacier, and today it stayed true to its name. The team traveled all day through zero visibility, strong wind, rain and sleet, until calling it at 4:30pm. Annie and Zane built a wind wall to shelter the tents from the harder gusts. Annie writes that "today all we saw was white, and our own elbows and butts." They are hoping for some better visibility tomorrow so they can see the start of the descent to the coast.

Tonight they refueling, relaxing, and trying to dry out their clothes yet again. The tents are a warm haven and very cozy especially on days with driving sleet. Tomorrow will be their last night in tents if all goes according to plan, and despite the team's seemingly indomitable spirit, everyone is looking forward to that.


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