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Ushuaia Again and the Journey's End

Yesterday was the team's last full day aboard the Plancius. Although smoother seas were in the forecast, Annie reports that they were assailed by 40 knot winds. Fortunately though the ship was pitching up and down into the waves, which is much more comfortable than rolling with waves coming from the side or behind.

As a result, the decks were once again closed. But the return journey has been quite fun in spite of all the rocking and rolling at sea. The Shackleton Poetry Slam was a great success -- "Shackleton" himself even made an appearance...but Simon was conspicuously absent when The Boss stopped in ;)

The team had an early breakfast this morning before disembarking around 9 am local time. By now all are transferring to their hotels or flights home.

What a journey it was! A true adventure. There was no shortage of hardships that were ultimately bested by sheer will and endurance. These are memories and friendships that will resonate for a lifetime. Thank you to all who followed along, and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!


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