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What a Finish!

Even though the team set themselves up for success by leaving less than 4 miles of distance to cover on the final march, Mother Nature didn't do them any favors today. Nasty conditions posed a super sturdy challenge as they descended to Fortuna Bay where they were picked up by the Plancius.

We don't have exact figures for the wind speed and precipitation totals they endured, but suffice to say both were way higher than anyone's comfort threshold. The forecast for today called for half a foot of snow with additional slushy rain thrown into the mix, and wind gusts of 25-30 mph. All indications are that actuality exceeded the forecast.

But all are safe and sound and surely happy to be enjoying the creature comforts of life onboard the Plancius: running water, food someone else prepared, flush toilets, and--oh, thank heavens--dry clothes! Our team performed most admirably and all should be proud of their accomplishment.

In keeping with the legendary efforts of Shackleton and crew, they endured and they succeeded.


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