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Whiteout Day

Team Haribo:

"We woke up today to our camp blown in with snow. It was a cold and blustery start to the day. We had a variety of weather throughout the day but we made six pushes totaling 13.6 miles of progress from 8:45 am-5 pm. I'm trying my best to pass out my snacks to lighten the load!" -Update provided by Stuart.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Today was Team 2's longest day yet, skiing 21 km (~13 miles). They were skiing by 9 am and finished their last push at 5:45 pm.

The team got a major boost from swapping out their full-length skins for half-skins, which made it much easier to slide. The snow conditions were also advantageous to the team. It was a whiteout for pretty much their whole day, leading them to navigate almost entirely by GPS and compass.

Wilfred took the lead for one push and had a lot of fun with it! He used a compass mount to navigate and paid close attention to keeping everyone on the correct path.

The group is tired from skiing in 15-18 mph winds but pleased with their progress.


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