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Windy Morning in Greenland

Team #1:

The group woke up to a surprising amount of wind this morning. Their first push of the day was hard as there were freshly formed sastrugi and icy patches as they ascended a hill. Eventually, the wind petered off, the terrain mellowed and they were able to enjoy most of the day in perfect Greenland conditions. Firm snow, full sun, and smooth terrain.

Team #1 totaled about 11 miles. Everyone seems to be settling in nicely and feeling good. A few teammates enjoyed a buffalo mac and cheese for dinner, which tasted pretty good after their long day!

The Cocoa-Nuts ~ Team #2:

Last night, the wind picked up and the group woke to -2 F and 18 mph winds. It was pretty cold! Upon waking, they had to dig out portions of their camp that had formed snow drifts in the night. Later in the day, the wind died out and the temperature eventually rose. They have finally passed the bumpy maze of the icefall and are enjoying more predictable rolling hills.

Everyone is doing good! They are working hard and having a great time. Team #2 totaled 9.3 miles today and are preparing for a restful night before continuing on tomorrow.


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