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Another Stormy Day

Team Ski Strap:

"Had another rest day today as the storm continued until late afternoon. We considered packing up and moving, but decided to keep our normal sleep schedule and get up early tomorrow morning to start heading down to the east coast! We are crossing our fingers for a weather improvement tomorrow and are excited to see our first rocks!

We played hearts for a few hours today which was a fun way to pass the time. Onwards tomorrow!" -Update from Taylor

Team Cocoa-Motive:

"Late night! We didn't leave camp until 4pm today because of strong winds, and then it took an hour to dig out our sleds. We started skiing at 5pm and skied into the Arctic twilight. We made camp around 11:30pm. We skied 7.5 miles with two feet of fresh snow that was so hard to break trail through. We took turns and still, it was hard going. The wind finally stopped blowing when we made camp. Now we are waiting for the water to get hot. It's fairly dark in the tent compared to normal.

Monet is having breakfast for dinner and then we are hitting the sleeping bags hard! Goodnight!" -Update from Annie


Wow, trekking through 2 feet of powder for 7.5 miles!!! That's got to be exhausting. You guys are really tough. Wishing all a WARM sleeping bag.

From Chris


Martin here Wilfred’s son. I hope all is going well for my dad and the team and also if Wilfred has spot any other birds around

Replying to

Hi Martin! Your dad is doing great! Got an update from him yesterday, he saw another bird in the morning. It was sitting on CP's tent!

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