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Biding Time and Having a Blast

Our team has not been idly waiting for their transfer to Antarctica. They have been finding every possible adventure to be had in the region. Among these adventures have been a 20km round trip hike to Mirador de Las Torres (top left picture) in Torres de Paine, a glacier tour by boat on Lago Grey (bottom right), and a hike to the San Isidro lighthouse (top right). Needless to say, they are staying busy and getting plenty of exercise.

There were plenty of driving hours mixed in as well, along with regularly scheduled COVID testing, but the team is in high spirits as their departure to Antarctica grows nearer. While expedition delays are not ideal, a team that can roll with the challenges and use the extra time to bond will be a team better suited for the harsh challenges waiting for them in Antarctica.

We will keep you informed on their ultimate departure to Antarctica as concrete information becomes available. In the mean time, great job team! Keep spinning that fun meter!


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