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Coming Soon... Greenland and Iceland Expedition Dispatches

We are very excited to share two wonderful adventures with you in May.

Starting May 4 you can follow our Greenland team as they ski cross the Greenland Icecap from east to west with two Greenlandic mushers and dog teams. Starting on May 14 you can follow our Iceland team as they traverse Iceland's largest glacier, Vatnajokull.

Both of these expeditions are challenging, exciting, and remarkably rewarding. With outstanding scenery (much of it snow and ice as far as the eye can see) and weather that can be extreme at times, our teams will have their hands full as far as adventure is concerned.

We invite you to follow along!

Check back here on May 4 for the first of our dispatches. And if you have a message you'd like to share with the team feel free to send it to eric@polarexplorers.


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