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Getting Closer to the Coast!

Team Ski Strap:

"What a special day today, with lots of highlights. When I left the tent this morning, I saw a small bird sitting in my pulk. We are officially 50 miles from the coast and today was the first day we all listened to music or an audiobook along the way. Also, we have seen the first signs of the famous Greenland moles, which contributed to the fact that we managed more than 16 miles today.

All in all a great day, because after more than 7 days it was possible to ski "normally" again. At least for part of the day. We also lost about 800 ft of elevation." -Update from Dirk

Team Cocoa-Motive:

"Today we slept in and had a relaxing morning. We had a forecast of gusty winds until late morning and we figured that we'd sleep in rather than fight the wind. By the time we were skiing, the wind was mostly calm and the sky was mostly sunny. With sastrugi fields continuing, we were skiing around, over and through hard mounds and ridges of snow. In the evening, there seemed to be less sastrugi. We almost don't want to talk about that because we don't want to jinx ourselves!

With a shortened day, we made it nearly 12 miles. Tonight a team of Norwegians is camping nearby. They started their expedition a day after ours and they are planning to finish earlier than us. We expect when we wake up they will already be well on their way. We are tired but happy to be where we are and with each other. The snow is melting, the tent walls are flapping, and our breath is steamy even in our tent. We are looking forward to eating and then going to bed! Goodnight!" -Update from Annie

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