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Greenland, Another 30 km Day

Actually it was 30.2 km - a seemingly small difference, but not if you are the person who did all the skiing! They'll take every tenth of a kilometer that they can get! It was a beautiful day with a bit of a brisk wind. Blue sky and very pleasant. The team put in 5 pushes and came out the other end tired but happy. Dinner in a warm tent, sitting on a sleeping bag, feels very good after a long day, and they enjoyed their appetizers, and hot drinks, and a chance to kick back and relax before its time to hit the sack.Heather writes: May 19th. Bluebird day. Wow -10, light crosswind, not a cloud in sight. We did 30.2 km to an altitude of 7530 ft. Tough work but strong team. Tomorrow we may crest the glacier, weather permitting. Michelin 2 star bacon and cheese quesadilla a la Eric, followed by spicy Italian sausage pasta! (In a bag) Feet are doing well. Using the guides system. Sock then plastic bag then boot. That way no moisture gets into the boot, and your boot isn’t frozen the next day. Nasty on the feet to spend the day in a plastic bag, but hey?


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