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Greenland, Riding Out The Storm

The team reports that all is well at what is now called "Camp Storm Breaker". The wind started to pick up around 5 AM local time Saturday morning and continued to increase until it finally seemed to reach its peak. All the efforts from yesterday building a strong wind wall have paid off as the wall tis taking the brunt of the wind and their tents remain relatively unscathed. Inside the tents it is no doubt loud and sometimes shaky especially when the strong gusts hit. But it's a cozy place to be. Warm in a sleeping bag, reading a book or writing in a journal it can be relatively relaxing, until a slap of wind shakes the tent to remind everyone inside that there is still a storm going on outside. Stepping outside is not easy or comfortable but at times it's might be necessary to dig out from drifting snow or reattach a tent guyline to keep the tent secure and not flapping as much. The team reports that everyone is doing good. They are receiving your well wishes and are appreciative of all your support!


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