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Happy Birthday, CP!

Team Cocoa-Motive:

"Today has been another very awesome day because it is CP's birthday! How lucky are we to have two people with birthdays only a couple of days apart! Two more reasons for us to celebrate while on the Greenland ice cap. Today Greenland gave CP a beautiful sunny day with mostly mild winds. But there was still sastrugi and lots of it. We have become used to the constant tug of the sled on the harness as it surmounts every bump.

We covered 14.3 miles today in six pushes. When we made it to camp, CP and Bruce invited us over to their tent for a party. Monet and Joe made an awesome snow birthday cake (three layers!) complete with real candles that stayed lit for about 4 seconds as they tried to enter the tent singing. CP got to blow them out once inside the tent! We played a game, heard a poem by Bruce, had some cheesy bread from Annie and Wilfred, and a round of Trudi's whiskey (which burns so good!). We are all happy but tired and ready for bed. Happy Birthday CP!!" -Update from Annie

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JOE Kellogg
JOE Kellogg
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Happy Birthday CP!

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