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Hitting Mileage Goals

Team Haribo:

"Overall, you might think that the long days on skis would be boring. For me personally, I am still captivated by this fantastic nature. This infinite expanse and the rapidly changing clouds. My days are also varied because I am currently navigating the group, which is a challenge, especially with poor visibility. There is also a full supply of blisters on the daily schedule during the ski days." -Update from Dirk.

Team 1 made it 13.6 miles today. They are really hitting their stride now! It was yet another good day on the trail. As one can imagine, the days are long, and it can be challenging to stay distracted from the difficulties of the expedition. However, it seems some of the teammates have already mastered this skill and have rather decided to focus on the beauty surrounding them!

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Another day of variable weather presented its challenges, with conditions shifting from whiteout to partly cloudy skies and eventually giving way to a warm spell. The team pushed through 13 miles in sticky snow. Every step was a battle, as sliding their skis required immense effort, and snow continually accumulated in their bindings, causing their skis to pop off frequently. Despite these obstacles, the group showed remarkable perseverance and determination, ultimately achieving their mileage goal for the day.

Wilfred spotted 6 black birds flying together super low to the ice and flying east. The group couldn't figure out what type of bird...Do any of our readers have an inkling?! Let us know in the comments!

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Could it be puffins?

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Give us a clue to the birds’ size, Wilfred. As big as raven, sparrow, swift. No food there, passing through to better foraging.

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